Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reserve a wedding photographer?
Are you licensed and insured?
Why is my entire wedding collection taxed?
What if I need additional coverage time than originally planned?
What if we have to cancel our wedding agreement?
How will you dress for my wedding?
How can I pay for photography services?
What kind of equipment do you use?
Do you print your own photographs on a photo printer?
What do you do if your camera breaks during my wedding?
How long before I receive my photographs?
What happens if you can't make it to my wedding due to sickness or an accident?
Does coverage time have to be consecutive or may it be split?
Can I extend my online proofing longer?
Do I have to purchase photographs all at one time?
Do you cover weddings outside of Colorado?
Do you offer military discounts?
Do you charge travel or lodging fees when covering a wedding?